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We're Not Your Average Chiropractor

chiropractic Oct 25, 2022

You read that right. We as a clinic find it difficult to convey who and what we are. The common conversation we have with people ends up with the other person asking what we do. We have about 1 sentence before people check out of what we say and we’ve been left with our foot in our mouth because we either overcomplicate it or we announce that we’re “chiropractors”… which we absolutely hate as a descriptor of what we do. It’s not because we don’t love what we do or what our profession allows us to do, but because people will fill in the gaps of whatever they think a chiropractor is or what they do. This by default backs us into a corner and usually boxes us in. 

Some of the responses we get usually get undermine what we actually do. Here are just a few that we most commonly hear:

  •  “Oh, cool! I don’t believe in chiropractic”
  •  “I love getting cracked”
  •  “That’s great, I could use an alignment”

The first response I love getting. What people really mean by that is they don’t believe that chiropractic is the cure for all things and by that definition we both agree. However, there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that spinal manipulation (adjustments) are an effective tool for spinal pathologies. Where the issues occur is when it’s the only thing being used. Spinal manipulation is just a tool we use, it doesn’t define what we do. When used in conjunction with other tools like dry needling, soft tissue manipulation, and exercise; can create an amazing opportunity to not only eliminate pain, but have you leaving our office stronger and more knowledgable about your body. As for the other responses, this can box us in with our treatment and greatly reduce the potential outcomes we could have with care. 

Because of this, we have officially nailed down a response for when the question comes up. You ready to hear (read it) it?

“We are musculoskeletal healthcare practitioners who treat pain conservatively.” This doesn’t box us in and allows us to filter anything/everything we do in our office through the question of “will this get us closer to the outcome of eliminating pain?” 


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