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Unlock Your Potential On The Field

Take your game to the next level by improving the performance of you body. 

Did you know that one foot closer distance closer to home plate equates to 3.49 mph of perceived velocity to a hitter's eyes? Reduced mobility/stability can inhibit your stride distance on the mound.

Improve the best piece of equipment you have; your body. 

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Our Baseball/Softball Solutions


This is used to understand where your deficiencies are by looking at your flexibility, power, strength, endurance, and mobility.


We restore flexibility, mobility, and/or stability that has been lost that's impairing your swing/arm velocity with an at home program.


Specific Training

We take you through a baseball/softball specific training regimen for 6 to 8 weeks working on strength, power, and endurance.


Improving Your Game Starts By Improving The Function of Your Body

"We don't believe there is only one way to swing a bat or throw a ball, we believe there are an infinite amount of ways. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a bat and throw a ball and it is based on what they can do physically."


All of PHC Providers are OnBaseU (OBU) certified and Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning Coaches (CFSC). We look at a player's flexibility, power, strength, endurance, and mobility to understand how it can relate to their swing/arm mechanics. Through this comprehensive assessment and training program, we can improve a player's power, accuracy, consistency, all while improving strength and confidence to perform on the field.


Improve Your Performance on The Field With Us

Go through our distinct specific training program and you will:

  • Improve consistency of your swing/pitching mechanics
  • Increases bat/arm velocity
  • Increase athleticism
  • Increase overall body strength and power
  • Become more resilient on the field

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

At Premier Health Clinic, we'll give you the step-by-step process to better your game.


In 4-6 Weeks, You Could…

  • Finally feel confident at the plate or on the mound
  • Increase consistency of mechanics
  • Unlock Your athletic potential

With a well devised plan based on your physical abilities, the sky is the limit. We’ll cover it all in our program.

What Our Process Looks Like...


Evaluating Your Body Mechanics

Your swing and pitching mechanics are created around your physical abilities. We compare your physical abilities with that of the average MLB players. This will include:

  • Neck mobility
  • Shoulder and thorax mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Thorax, shoulder, and hip stability

We take these results and look at your swing/pitching characteristics to see if a physical impairment is negatively impacting your swing.


Evaluating Your Swing/Pitching Mechanics

Physical impairments can express themselves differently in players. Part of our process is to link any physical deficiencies with impairments in your wing which can create:

  • Energy leaks decreasing power output
  • Misuse/disuse to joint systems
  • Limit the efficiency of your golf swing

When we link these two things it's called a Body-Swing/Pitch Connection.


Evaluating Your Engine 

Strength plus speed equal power. We analyze power output at three areas of your body to see if you're generating enough power and if it's transferring to the box/mound. With this we:

  • Compare your power relatively to what you should be doing and to MLB players
  • Look for weak links in the body
  • Develop either strength or speed to improve force production and transfer
Baseball/Softball Specific Training

Through the detailed evaluation, we develop a program that builds up the deficiencies highlighted during the evaluation. This program includes:

  • At home program to address physical deficiencies
  • Structured training program to work on strength, power, and speed
  • Access to all exercises in video format prescribed via the MyTPI App

If you're working with us virtually, you will be able to meet with one of us on a weekly basis to address any questions or concerns. 

Team Approach

Communication amongst professionals creates the best results, as we are all working towards the same goal: a better player.


"I just thought I would give you an update on John. He is still doing his exercises and the core strengthening has made a "small" difference. He's running faster than he ever has and is frequently the fastest kid when being timed running the bases (clearing the bases right at 14 seconds). John looks like a sprinter out there! At their tournament last weekend, the boys took home first place, but John also hit his first two over-the-fence home runs with the longest being 280 feet. He would have had another home run on Sunday, but they took down the 220-foot fence because of John and one other boy on our team. I've included a picture of the swing from his first home run. Huge thanks to you and your team for all that you did for John! We will definitely be back for the baseball training program in the spring!"

- Erica C.

"Awesome staff! They are dedicated to not only your goals but also your well being. Must try not only for pain relief but also physical therapy and training!"

- Alan P.

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with our program in the first 7 days, let us know and we will refund you completely. No questions asked.