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Everyone has a unique pain, injury and performance journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom and joy in your life.


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Pain often leads to a cascade of affects in people, including poor sleep cycles, psychological distress, and deconditioning. Although, these are common statistics, people continue to complete a care plan with minimum health outcomes as they return to their activity, often falling victim to the statistic of re-injury. Most clients are being told that their problem is due to a misaligned vertebrae, a weak muscle, or the way their foot hits the ground when they run, which is an isolated approach in a complex moving system. As we know in musculoskeletal healthcare, injuries are often not related to one factor, but rather to a multitude of variables. These clients may not be getting better outcomes, get labeled as maximal medical improvement (MMI), and feel hopeless in the process of recovery because their provider focuses in on one piece of the puzzle.

Premier Health utilizes a multimodal and team approach to recovery and performance, focusing on more than just the site of pain by holding athletes to higher functional standard as they return to sport, competition, and daily activities. Our approach stems from personal experience as well as numerous hours spent on continuing education related to sports performance and pain reduction. Time spent at our clinic will be value-packed and specific to the client’s needs. A clear path will be laid out for the client, focusing on milestones, subjective and objective outcomes, communication with each other, as well as members of the team built around them - coaches, personal trainers, and other healthcare providers.


Eliminate Pain

Using the Premier Process treatment method, we eliminate pain for good. Allowing you to move beyond pain and discover your true strength.

Increase Performance

Improving althletic performance by improving the function of the human body in golf, baseball, and softball.

Fitness Programs

Tap into the wonderful benefits from a strength training program lead by doctors.

Dr. Kylar McCann

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)

Dr. Kylar has always had an excitement towards sports and movement; she grew up playing outdoors, participating in athletics through her undergraduate studies, and began diving deeper into human movement efficiency, performance, and weight training during graduate school. 

She first went to a chiropractor in elementary after hurting her neck while racing her sister to the car before swimming lessons and falling in the dewy grass. After her experiences with the chiropractor, both as a patient and seeing her family get cared for, she decided that her goal was to become a chiropractor. ‚Äč

As she attended her graduate school in Overland Park, KS, she started to see the gaps in healthcare that occurred in those with neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Many people did not know where to go when they had pain/injuries, what their options were, and what their experiences may be after receiving care. There was also a gap between rehab and performance, where athletes would meet the minimum standards to return to play, but would quickly get re-injured. 

Dr. Kylar is passionate about filling these gaps in healthcare and helping people feel empowered as they traverse their journey through injury, pain, and performance. 

She is excited to meet you and guide you in the direction that will best fit your needs!

"Dr. McCann is awesome! She is calm, friendly and attentive. She has taken care of me with my neck, elbow, wrist, back, and many other chronic and acute issues that I've had. She was consistently dedicated to helping me figure out what was causing me pain and never made me feel bad for admitting to poor habits (sitting at a desk, etc.). I always left feeling better!"

- Michael N.

"Dakota helped me online through video conference when I hurt my lower back while lifting. He was able to teach me stretches to do to make the pain go away. I was hardly able to walk and within a few days the pain was gone! It has been well over a year and I haven’t had any issues since!"

- Jadyn S.

" ...These guys do an amazing job on explaining all the "why's" that come along with working with someone new. I'm rating them 10/10 as I have worked with numerous amounts of other groups/businesses to help my golf game/performance on an athletic standpoint and no one has hit the mark like these guys have!"

- Chaz S.

Dr. Dakota Vaughn

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)

Dakota was born in Wichita, KS and grew up in a small town outside of Wichita called Clearwater. Here he quickly excelled in football, baseball, and competitive weightlifting. He was having shoulder problems his sophomore baseball season and couldn’t throw a baseball across the diamond without having severe pain. Dakota visited multiple providers, including orthopedic specialists and physical therapists. This led to an unresolved problem after an MRI, cortisone injection, and numerous physical therapy visits. On top of that, Dakota broke his hand diving back to first, which led him wearing a cast. During a chiropractic visit, he brought his shoulder issue up with his provider, who was trained in manual therapy interventions, including myofascial release. He performed this technique on his shoulder, along with manipulation to the spine. Finally, after months of being in pain, Dakota could throw pain free again. 

Dakota's own frustration with pain mentally, physically, and emotionally essentially created the path of helping people through manual medicine, determined to bring the same standard of care he once received, to others. Dakota went on to play collegiate baseball at Tabor college, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He then went on to chiropractic school and completed his doctorate in 2019. After school, Dakota worked as an associate chiropractor in Columbia, Missouri where he had the opportunity to work with collegiate and high school athletes. 

Dakota and Kylar have come together to create a method of treatment that is robust in evidence-based interventions, to fill a gap that they believe exist in conservative care.


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Our Advanced Certifications

Structure and Function

Certification allows us to dry needle for orthopedic rehabilitation and sport performance conditions.


Certified Functional Strength Coach

Certification allows us to train clients/patients in a functional format.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Certification of orthopedic evaluation and treatment system that allows us to diagnose and treat conditions appropriately.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (level 2)

Advanced certification of orthopedic evaluation and treatment system that allows us to diagnose and treat conditions.

Functional Movement Screen

Certification allows us to screen mobility and stability attributes for gym oriented movements which allows us to program for clients.

Functional Movement Screen (level 2)

Advanced certification allows us to screen mobility and stability attributes for gym oriented movements which allows us to program correct faulty movement patterns for clients.

Y-Balance Test

Certification allows to test motor control, which is an expression of mobility and stability capabilities.

Functional Capacity Screen

Certification allows us to assess power production, energy absorption/recycling, posture under load, and balance control for athletes and general population.

OnBaseU - Hitting

Certification allows us to assess baseball and softball athletes for mobility and stability deficits inhibiting performance at the plate.

OnBaseU - Pitching

Certification allows us to assess baseball pitchers for mobility and stability deficits inhibiting performance on the mound.


Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Certification allows us to assess golfers for mobility and stability deficits inhibiting performance on the course.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical (level 2)

Advanced certification of orthopedic evaluation and treatment system that allows us to diagnose and treat golf specific conditions.

McKenzie Method

Certification allows us to diagnose, treat, and manage spine derived pain.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Certification allows us to diagnose and treat dysfunctional motor control from a neurodevelopmental perspective.

Motion Palpation Institute (MPI)

Certifications allows us to diagnose and treat conditions for the spine and extremities.


Certification allows us to treat conditions of the spine and extremities utilizing tape.

Rehab to Fitness

Certification allows us to progress patients from injury back to training for general physical and sport specific fitness.